Heart of Darkness

Well, I certainly didn’t expect to get through this one in a day. I did not realize it was only 72 pages!


Joseph Conrad’s fictionalized version of his memories of the Congo is a constant monologue from Marlowe, describing his events in the Congo, but there aren’t a lot of reference points. There’s a brief start-off point with Marlowe leading in at the beginning, but from there it’s just him almost in a daze.

Probably, if I hadn’t just read King Leopold’s Ghost, I would have no idea what Conrad was writing about, and this book would mean absolutely nothing to me. Instead, the PTSD sort of memoir (Marlowe may be fictitious, but according to Hochschild, many of these events did actually occur in a very real way to Conrad) is intensified because of the very real emotions I felt after reading Hocschild’s history. Heart of Darkness gives it a first person perspective, from one of the people actually witnessing the horrors of Congo colonialism.


Fulfills PopSugar #27:  A book you can finish in a day

Boxall #72


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