Disclaimer about Pictures/Gifs

I am not great at creative content, so I wanted to put this disclaimer on the site, because I know there are those out there more detail-oriented than I am.

Most of the plain cover shots will come from Goodreads. I am not sure where they get those from, I think they are inserted when a consumer or publisher adds a new ISBN.

Sometimes I’ll post pictures that I’ve taken myself, those will be obvious!

The other gifs and pictures that you see will come from Tumblr and Google Images. I will link to a source when I have one, but as you know, images get spread all over the internet and sometimes they are hard to trace–especially from Google Images. I promise, I mean no offense to anyone who has made these, I simply think they are cute or funny.

This goes for really anything on the blog as well. Most of what I post is book related, but I do post poems and other things now and then. If it’s an online poet with a source, I post the link, but if I miss something, please let me know so I can remedy the situation!

If you know the source, or I’ve used something of yours and I need a link, please send me a private message and I will be more than happy to add a link somewhere if it’s been neglected. I promise, plagiarism is as bad a word to me as it is to you!

I really want this to be a friendly community of bloggers, and I can’t do that without your help. Let me know if you see somewhere I can improve.



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