A Feast for Crows

Can I just tell you how excited I am for the next season of Game of Thrones? When last season ended, I could not remember what was going to come next. Even when I finished reading A Storm of Swords, I was left with a feeling of hesitation and fear, because so much happens in that book that surely nothing else could happen to top it. What else could possibly happen?

But, this is George RR Martin we are talking about. His brain never stops working, and his world never stops turning.



I have a lot of thoughts on this one, so I’m going to continue with my list, as I have been doing:

  • Martin starts introducing a lot of random narrators in Feast. The chapter headings, aside from our most lead roles (Jaime, Cersei, Brienne), are not necessarily people’s names anymore, but descriptors. A narrator might only have one chapter, or they may have a different description each time. It gets a very confusing. Just give me their name so I know who the chapter is about. Be consistent! I’m not sure why he started doing this all of the sudden.
  • “Drowned God”–You get baptized by actually drowning the boys and then giving them CPR (breath of life). If they live, they are blessed and loved by God. Holy Shit.
  • I’ve always wondered if Syrio and Jaqen were the same man. Jaqen almost seemed to know Arya already, was so keen to help her, and so good at killing. Could Syrio have escaped Death and changed faces?
  • When this past season came out, I heard so much about Lady Stoneheart, and why didn’t we see her…but she is just now coming about at the end of this book. I didn’t even remember who she was when people were talking about her. She didn’t really fit into the storyline so soon after the Red Wedding, but I wonder if maybe we will see her in this next season. She’ll have to fit into Brienne’s questing, you’d think?

The biggest thing I’m struggling with, between the books and the show is the utter lack of Theon/Reek. For all anyone knows, up to this point, everyone thinks he is dead. Ramsey attacked him, and there was a brief mention of him being flayed, but no one has heard hide nor hair of him since. But in the show, we’ve already seen his torture. Asha stormed in, tried to rescue him. Ramsay even cleaned him up and used him to be Theon again. The timeline is completely off. I know I’m going to see him soon, but I can’t figure out why that plotline was sped up so much. It’s so out of place. His story is the one I have the hardest time grasping, for some reason.

I was talking to someone at the pub the other night, and they told me Martin based the series off the Wars of the Roses, which, now that I hear that, makes absolute sense. Why I had never realized that…I feel like an idiot now. It makes a lot of plot points much clearer. I really want to do more research into his writing process and where his world is based. Now that I’m rereading everything again it just all seems so familiar. I am completely in love with it all.


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