Hardback or Paperback?

Hardback or Paperback? There’s really only one answer I can give to that:

(Source:  wifflegif.com)

I mean look at my shelf:


We have a mix of everything. Hardback, Paperback, Mass Market. We really don’t discriminate.

Now, lately, we’ve been buying a lot more hardbacks. We’re trying to build up a collection of leatherbound classics, so that’s what we’re looking for when we go to used bookstores. And, I just got a bunch of the BN leatherbounds for Easter.

But, when I do buy hardbacks…they are usually books I’ve already read. I buy lesser expensive paperbacks of things I want to read (and can’t get from my library, or if I see them on sale at a used bookstore), because then I’m not out of pocket so much dough. And if they get damaged, it doesn’t break my heart.

Also, mass market collections are sooooo much easier to buy than the hardback ones. Which is why when I bought Game of Thrones…it was MMP.

Also, don’t forget ebooks. I don’t BUY a lot of ebooks, but I borrow constantly, from my library’s online collection through Overdrive, and now from Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. I use them both interchangeably–usually if the library doesn’t have something, KU will, and visa versa.

Do you have a preference? Or are you like me….EVERYTHING! MORE BOOKS PLEASE!


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