March Photo Challenge: Recommendation

Since starting the blog last year, I have been reading more new books than I used to. Obviously, it helps my stats here, but mostly I’m just interacting with so many bloggers that I have been exposed to more reviews than used to see. My TBR list has just EXPLODED.

And suddenly, I have become an influencer. When I started this little blog, it was purely for my own entertainment, but people are actually reading my reviews! So, I must keep the content current, and provide you with my take on the best upcoming books to read.


A friend told me about NetGalley awhile ago, and I am completely hooked, so now it’s my turn to pass on the recommendation. This is where I get most of my ARCs (Advance Reader’s Copies).

Here’s how it works:  You simply register with NetGalley for an account. Let them know what type of books you like to read, if you run a blog/where you’ll be posting reviews and such. Once you get your profile set up, you can start requesting books, and you’ll get emails tailored to your genre preferences telling you what is available next. Then you wait. If a publisher approves your request, you download the book, read it, and then review it! It’s that simple. You don’t always get every book you request, but I’ve gotten most of them. It just depends on the availability and how many people have asked for that particular book. (I have seen some people get really angry when they don’t get picked for an ARC, but to me it’s a privilege to get chosen.)

The books are all ebooks, and you can send them to your Kindle (which is what I do), or I believe there are other formats as well. They don’t cost anything, besides feedback to the publisher. These are prepublished copies though, so sometimes the formatting is a little strange, or there are editing markers–like (?) or (1.)–included in the text where it is obvious a change will be made before the book is actually printed.

Still, the privilege of a sneak peek at a favorite or new author, and getting to market a book on my blog is such fun! And I’ve gotten to do a couple book tours too, and even have gotten some comments from the authors themselves!

If you have a review blog, this is a fun way to get eyes on new books that are coming out. You’ll keep in touch with publishers and authors too, and let your readers know what’s coming!


Just a disclaimer–although NetGalley has given me plenty of books to read through their program, they did not ask me to write this post. These are all my own opinions.


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