When I started setting my challenge list, I had put GOALS on Day 1 for obvious reasons. My original goal was to write every day, complete all the challenges. I started the list with booky things–I had based my challenge list off previous challenges I had done, although I tried my hardest not to use too many prompts from other people’s lists. But the longer I went along, the more I deviated from bookish themes, and started coming up with true writing prompts. I write about books all the time, but my mind is constantly getting pulled into other subjects that I want to write about. Let’s vary it up some. Of course, if you want to match books to the topics, feel free. I just want you to write something, anything, every day.


Something else happened, too, after I set GOALS for Day 1.

I started taking a yoga class. And I completely fell in love with it. So, I have some new goals that surround the new lifestyle that I’m taking on. I have class 3 times a week–Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. And even on the days that I am tired, and frustrated, and sore, I’m going. Every once in awhile, I may have a schedule conflict, and that’s ok. I couldn’t go Wednesday (ummm…Benedict Cumberbatch in Frankenstein on the big screen? Sorry yoga…priorities.), so I made sure to do stretches on Thursday. That’s the great thing about yoga–it’s so easy to do at home.

I don’t have any specific weight goals–in fact, I’m trying not to weigh myself. My instructors told me to take the focus off of that. The important thing is to focus on reducing my stress and maintaining my health, so that is what I’m working on now. My wellness is increasing, and I can feel it. I am already starting to notice a change in my body, it’s crazy!

Good things are going to happen in November. Who is ready?



NaBloWriMo Challenge

I do a lot of challenges on this blog. It keeps things fresh and interesting, and helps fill in the gaps between books. However, I’ve never put together my own challenge, and I figured it was high time I did so!

What better month to do this than November! Not only is it my birthday month, it is also National Blog Writing Month! I do a pretty good job of posting every day, but we can all use some inspiration now and then.

These primers aren’t photo challenges necessarily, nor are they all book related, but more general writing prompts instead. The main goal here is to get you blogging daily. Do with them what you want. Some prompts may be shorter than others. Some may require interaction–for example #24, which encourages you to watch a Ted Talk and write about it.

I hope you have some fun with these. I’m excited to see what comes out of it! Be sure to let me know if you are doing them! Link to your posts here, or hashtag on Tumblr. There’s no contest, but I’ll be on the look out to read and comment when I can! Good luck!