Trees of Reverie September Readathon Daily Bookish Challenges Day Five

It’s time to throw a book-themed party!

When I was planning my wedding, I went a little crazy on Pinterest (who doesn’t, right?)

One of the things I came across was an adorable idea for a bridal shower gift and I always wanted to plan a party around it.

Whoever is giving the party finds out the guest of honor’s (bride, mother-to-be, birthday girl, etc) favorite genre. Or, comes up with a specific theme for the party depending on what is appropriate. Maybe love stories for weddings, for example (that’s what I found on Pinterest). Or you could do a dragon-themed birthday party and have everyone bring their favorite fantasy book.

Books are a way more personal gift than picking a gift basket of lotion. It would be fun (at least to me) to be able to share my favorite books with my favorite people!

I have a friend whose sister is throwing her a Harry Potter themed bridal shower soon and I absolutely cannot WAIT to see pictures!


Favorite Memorabilia

I don’t have a ton of things in the way of memorabilia. I know a lot of book lovers have Harry Potter medallions, and Lord of the Rings brooches, things like that. And trust me, I love all those things.

But I also have this horrible affliction of “can’t spend money on myself” syndrome. Only recently did I start buying things again, now that I have a husband who budgets discretionary income into my life. (He’s pretty awesome, that one.)

However, when we got married, we wanted to incorporate some of our nerdy tastes into our wedding.

Photo by Lauren Reber Photography

I had found kept seeing a quote by Dr. Seuss on Pinterest, over and over again, and it so perfectly described Richard and I, that I knew I had to have it on our programs.

“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” –Dr. Seuss

Then, in my quest to find jewelry, I failed miserably. I just could not find a necklace that worked perfectly with my beloved dress. I really wanted a pendant that I could wear every day forever, something that was just me, but would also work for the wedding. And for my bridal shower, my wonderful Maid of Honor came through for me. Look what she had made!!!

Photo by Lauren Reber Photography

Is that not perfect? I still wear that every single day. I get a lot of comments on it too, and get asked about the quote often. I have been told that the quote MAY not be as Seussical as I thought, but I’ve never been able to find out for sure. Either way, it’s still our marriage motto.

Do you collect any booky type things and stuff? I’d love to hear about it!



Go check out my amazing photographer, who took the pictures above. She’s pretty amazing.

Lauren Reber Photography