Favorite Villain

Theatre villains are always tough to beat because they are always just so over the top evil. And king of all of those is the Opera Ghost. The Phantom. Erik.

Whatever name you call him, he’s mysterious, genius, devious. He looks pretty nasty too.


Just don’t forget to keep your hand at the level at your eye.



The Phantom of the Opera

Most theatre fans will agree that Phantom of the Opera is iconic. We all have our favorite Phantom. Mine will always be Gerard Butler. I know, I know. I can hear you all groaning. But he was my first, ok? I’m drawing a blank on who my husband’s favorite. Someone classic. I’m sure you are all screaming it at the computer right now.


Anyway, I didn’t even realize Andrew Lloyd Weber had based his musical on a book until recently. It quickly made my TBR list when I found out, and not too long after, a coworker found it on a FREE BOOK shelf and surprised me.

I was surprised at how different the book was from the show. The main plotline was followed of course:  You have Christine, and the Phantom, and Raoul. But Madame Giry plays a completely different role, and her daughter is all but invisible. There is an added hero–The Persian. And Phantom even has a name! Erik. It’s weird to associate that with him.

The differences were so profound that it’s almost hard to compare, but I think I prefer the show to the book. I need the music, the drama. I like seeing Don Juan Triumphant, and hearing the taunting and power from the Angel of Music. It makes the story so much more intense.

Which do you prefer? Do you have a favorite Phantom?

Update:  I have been informed that Michael Crawford is R’s favorite Phantom.

Love Song

Richard and I both have a huge love for theatre, especially musicals. If you show up out of the blue at our apartment, don’t be surprised to find one or both of us dancing in the kitchen, singing at the top of our lungs to Wicked or Les Mis or, his favorite, Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde (I’m unsure if that’s the actual title of the book-based musical).

As a testament to this love, the first Christmas we were together, we both slyly stuffed each other’s stockings with a brand new copy of Gerard Butler’s version of The Phantom of the Opera. OOOOOOPS. Great minds think alike, right? We know this one by heart, even if we sing it completely off key.

I’ve never actually read the book, but a coworker of mine found it for free a few weeks ago, and grabbed it for me. It sits on my TBR shelf, patiently waiting for its turn to share its song with me.