Spine of Book

There’s something to be said about old libraries, all the old leatherbound copies, the books all the same size. I’ve said it before, I love the aesthetics of that type of shelf.

However, I also love looking around my office and seeing all the different colors and sizes and textures. It pleases me immensely to have so many books. Most I’ve read, some I haven’t. Some…I never ever will.

The book that stands out the most is this one–Airframe by Michael Crichton.




This picture doesn’t really do justice to just how NEON ORANGE the spine really is. It is SO BRIGHT, people, and it catches my eye, constantly. I haven’t read it yet, and I’m not sure how it’s escaped so far, since it’s always right there, jumping out at me. It’s right at eye level by the door, too. SOOOOOOON, it seems to say. SOON.

Spine of Book

My husband and I are both “collectors.”

Once, that meant packrat, but now that we are older, and learning to love finer things…and are limited on storage space…we are giving up the junk and turning to real collections.

With some exceptions. *cough*

One of the things we both agree on, is that we want a book collection that is not only mentally pleasing, but also aesthetically pleasing as well. While for the most part, the books stay in the office, the goal is to have a home with a den or library, and shelves scattered through the house. Neither one of us are highlighters, we like to keep our books nice. So, we have started buying, when we can, pretty leatherbound hardbacks. We both especially like the Barnes & Noble Classic collection, so we have a ton of those.



Some I’ve read, a few are still on my TBR shelf waiting patiently.