July/August Update

Hey all, just wanted to send a quick thought/heads up as June is very quickly winding down.

If you’ve been paying attention at all, you’ve probably heard me mentioning moving south. That is happening in August, and we are PUMPED. However, that is going to make for two very BUSY months ahead.

So, while I love doing these fun and creative challenges, I am going to step away for a bit and give myself a break. We are going to be doing some travelling, and a whole lot of packing in July. Then we have a vacation AND the big move in August, so there is just way too much going on to try and do a structured blog every day.

Don’t worry! I will still be reading, and posting my reviews as I go. It won’t be complete radio silence. I may even post some travel updates–some non-booky things about places we’ve discovered along the way.

I’ll ramp everything┬áback up once we get settled and our lives are back to normal. And who knows…I’ll probably miss you guys and won’t be able to help it.

Thanks for being understanding!