Are We Sure This is Fiction?

The best authors somehow transport us to different worlds, different times. For the moments we are lost in between pages of the book we are reading, we are no longer sitting on the little brown couch in the upstairs bedroom of our apartment, or the hammock in our parents’ backyard. In those moments, we are far away in the mountains of South Carolina, we are running from Grievers in a maze, we are dancing in a huge manor house during the London Season.

Most of the time, our fiction is obvious. But sometimes, the most wonderful books pull us in so hard that when the white pages hit at the end…we blink back into a reality with a hangover so fierce it is incomprehensible.

I often find that, for me, these are usually historical fiction, especially based on real people, famous people. Maybe it’s because the books are based on facts I already know, and that helps push me into the story deeper. Whatever the reason, I am usually transfixed by the history and the characters.

Here’s a few historical fictions that I have…a few of my favorites.




What books seem the most real to you?



Not much is known about Leonardo Da Vinci’s mother. Her name was Caterina, and Leonardo was taken from her at birth to live with his father’s family.

That’s really it. So Robin Maxwell’s Signora Da Vinci is fictionalized, but beautifully written. And it’s about a woman who lives in a world where being a female who wants to be educated equal to men, meant dressing up as a man. That was the closest you could get to being a “feminist” back then. It was the only safe way to  live, really. Being a woman was just not safe, or fair, and becoming an educated man was the only way she could see her child.