Paper Towns

Speaking of John Green…

Paper Towns

I just finished Paper Towns. Like all of his books, this is yet another emotional roller coaster, with a bit of a road trip built in. At this point, after reading four of his books, I feel like I know what I’m getting when I pick up a JG YA novel.

1. A smallish group of high school friends

2. An emotional compromised situation

3. Some sort of match to light a fire in the situation

4. A big FUCK YOU ending

This one had a lot of similarities to Looking for Alaska, in that one of the main characters were 1) an off beat, moody teenage girl who no one really understands, and 2) an awkward, nerdy boy “hero” who is in love with said off beat moody teenage girl. Girl causes catastrophe at end of school year.

Similar themes, but different situations, and Paper Towns was not nearly as emotionally charged, in my opinion. I didn’t feel like throwing the book out the window nearly as much as I did at the end of LFA. Still a great book though!