Comfy Read

If I were more photogenic, you’d get a super cute picture of me, curled up in a blanket in my favorite reading spot, with a topknot and a cup of coffee. Some kind of pinterest/tumblr/instagram type shit.

Instead, you get a picture of Pride and Prejudice hanging out in said reading spot. Sorry guys. I’m lame today.

Also, it’s like 90 degrees today. In October. Welcome to Dallas in the fall.





Can I just tell you, how HARD it is to take a good picture when you are legally blind? I probably looked pretty comical leaning over, with my phone a centimeter away from my face. Those glasses rarely leave my nose, and without them, I cannot see squat.

My first thought, when I did some quick word associations for this challenge list, was to match “glasses” with The Great Gatsby. The Eyes of TJ Eckleburg are a mystical match for this theme. Unfortunately, I do not yet have a copy of this great novel, so I had to forgo that picture.

Instead, I went with the more obvious choice:  the round frames of Harry Potter, which are very different than my own.




And trust me…that book looked way more fuzzy to me than it does in the shot!