Trees of Reverie July Read-A-Thon Day Four

If you could share and recommend only ONE book/series that you’ve read so far in 2015, what would it be?

This prompt is always a tough one for me, because, I mean, I never just have ONE favorite, I have 500. And yes, I’m quoting John Green on that. If there we weren’t passionate about our books, we wouldn’t do this booklr thing, would we?

But, the one book that is outstanding in my mind at this moment, is Five Night Stand by Richard Alley. I JUST received it in the mail a few minutes ago, thanks to the lovely Karielle over at Books ala Mode, and I am so excited to add it to my collection.


I read Five Night Stand back in May when it was an ARC, and it has been one of my favorites this year by far. Richard Alley writes music into fiction SO WELL. It’s just so beautiful. His characters, too, were amazing. You can read my write up here. Then go pick this one up. You need it in your life, I promise.

Trees of Reverie July Read-A-Thon Day Three

Create a music playlist for a book!

I totally lucked out on this prompt because I started making a playlist the other day specifically for when I listen to thrillers. I was reading Trust No One and really wanted some creepy music to go with it.

Therefore, this playlist is not for any specific book, and you don’t have to listen to it in any order. However, it will get your heart pumping for those mind twisting plots.

My playlists are always works in progress–I’m always adding songs to them, so don’t be surprised to find it changed whenever you pull it up!