Trees of Reverie September Readathon Daily Bookish Challenges Day Nine

What character would you most prefer as a best friend?

This is a toughie, because there are soooo many great characters out there.

  • Hermoine is the obvious choice, because of her bookishness and boldness.
  • Ruby, from¬†Cold Mountain, is such a fighter, and she has some pretty handy life skills. She also, apparently, makes really delicious pie.
  • I always loved Mr. Bennet, and I think we are kindred spirits in many ways. He’s such an introvert, and would much rather shut himself away in his study with a book than go to any social event. I think he would have a lot of interesting things to talk about.
  • Samwise Gamee is so freaking loyal.

I’m sorry, I can’t choose. I love them all. I love all of the characters. They are all my best friends. Every book I read has a new one.



In his library …

In his library he had been always sure of leisure and tranquility; and though prepared, as he told Elizabeth, to meet with folly and conceit in every other room of the house, he was used to be free from them there…”

Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

I have always liked and related to Mr. Bennet. He does on Elizabeth because she is the sensible and sarcastic one in the family, as he is. And he is a classic introvert. The only thing he absolutely wants to do every day is be left alone in his library with his books. At the table, he lets his daughters and wife do the talking, he observes most of the time.

I can picture him in the library, smoking jacket on, maybe a glass of port or brandy, worn books all around. It certainly would have been my favorite room in the house.