I’m Reading This Next

I have a bit of a rotation going, because I have so many different ways I read, and so many different books that I want to get through. So, I took the time to make out a rotation list. (A bit obsessive…I know.)

For the most part, I try to rotate from my Kindle queue, to a library book (which is also electronic), to something I’ve already read (which is currently¬†Harry Potter), to something on my TBR shelf. Crazy right? I know. But I’m a planner, and a bit OCD about my books.

I pretty much always know what I’m going to read next. Every once in awhile, I’ll make an exception however. I did change what my next shelf book was going to be, since I got accepted into the book club I was hoping for, and so I’ll need to read those two books before Sept 24.

Here’s the next three books in line, not including the one I’m currently reading, which my first ARC, and something you’ll hear about soon.

Winter’s Tale by Mark Hellprin

The Protector by Gennita Low

Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides