The Friday Night Knitting Club

I don’t knit.

Or crotchet. (I used to be able to–one looooooooong chain.)

I don’t scrap book, or really anything remotely crafty.

If I have time to sit and do “nothing”…I’m going to read. Every once in awhile I’ll start a project, but after two seconds, I get distracted by another book, and it all goes to pot.

The Friday Night Knitting Club (Friday Night Knitting Club, #1)

So when I first started reading Kate Jacobs’ book, I thought this all sounded really really dull. Why would anyone go and sit in a room together and knit?

Then I realized…

That’s pretty much the whooooole premise of a book club. I do the exact same thing! It’s just a bunch of us geeks getting together and geeking out over whatever we geek out about. Some people just like yarn instead of books (so weird).

Overall, this is a really sweet book. The characters are sweet, the plot is sweet. There’s a lot of sugar, so make sure to brush your teeth. I really enjoyed it though, and maaaaaaybe even teared up a little at the end. I could have used some of that yarn to dry off.

But really? A hand-knitted gala gown? I find that a little hard to fathom. I just kept picturing really terrible Christmas sweaters.


Ok, I’m off to my geek-out zone–Lucky Dog Books. I have that stack of books to trade in and I need to get out of this house for awhile!

Book Stack

As with any good book addict, I am a frequenter of used book stores. One of the first things I did when I found out we were moving to Dallas was look up the local sellers, and when we came down to visit, I made sure we looked at one of them–Lucky Dog Books. And oh man, guys, it’s HEAVEN. And…it’s maybe a mile down the road from my house.

I usually have a stack in the corner my shelf somewhere, or on the floor–where ever I can find room–of “reject books.” Books that I didn’t care for, or just don’t need. Things that I can trade or sell back to make room for others.

This is that stack:


It’s getting too big for the bookshelf at this point, since I’ve been going through my boxes and finding things as we unpack, that I haven’t seen in awhile.

A couple of novels that aren’t my taste any more. Dave Ramsey, there at the bottom, is no longer needed, since aside from some pesky student loans, I’m almost debt free now! Woot! And then there’s that baby book, which, NO I did not buy because I had a child. I bought it when I found out I was going to be an aunt for the first time and thought it might come in handy. It pretty much just convinced me that I should leave the mothering up to real mothers. Into the stack it goes!

Time to get rid of these and make room for more!