Love this Quote

My quote for today didn’t come from a book, but I’ve written it in my journal repeatedly. Every time I see it–on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter–I am compelled to write it down, as a reminder to let go of the prejudices that plague our society. I’ve seen another post making it’s rounds that tells us that the first thought we have when we look at someone is the conditioning we’ve been given to think about someone. “They are fat, they are gay, they are psycho.” You know those thoughts. It’s what you think secondly that matters. “They are beautiful, they are in love, they look hurt and maybe I could help.” We can change our thinking, and we should do our best to move away from the hate. There’s way too much of it out there, in my opinion.




“Each of us bears a responsibility to reject hate whatever its form, whatever its justification. A soul filled with hate can devastate a community. A nation filled with hate can devastate a people. It must start and end with each of us.”

–George Takei


The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

After yesterday’s disappointment, I was very hesitant to read Jennifer Smith’s The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight. It was next in my Overdrive bookshelf, but I was not looking forward to it. I had grabbed it because it is supposed to be made into a movie soon, so of course I have to read the book version first. I must get ahead of the spoiler game. I almost postponed the read though, and I’m glad I didn’t.


This was a definite improvement on the YA theme that I’ve been following. Still very “cute,” but much better developed characters, in my opinion. And I didn’t feel like I was lost in a High School Musical minefield.

That said, I read this book in only two hours. So it was still very simplistic, and definitely brain candy. While they talk about Our Mutual Friend, Dickens this is not. It is a very predictable, lovely story about two young people meeting in an airport and falling into deep, mutual attraction. The dialogue is witty, and the plot is well planned.

It’ll make a cute movie…again, probably another DVD rental. Not a “must see in theaters” one for me.

What do you think about Love At First Sight? A real thing? Or just the beginning of a thing?