Fall can mean so many different things. Autumn leaves. Collapse of an empire. To me, it usually means tripping over my own feet. So how did I want to approach it for this theme?

I grew up on the great works of Shel Silverstein. His hilarious line drawings, matched with quirky poems that made so much sense to my weird kid brain. And when I merged my husband’s books with mine, I was ecstatic to find two of Silverstein’s books in his collection. Falling Up, luckily, was one of those. What better book to use for today?



Falling Up

I tripped on my shoelace

And I fell up–

Up to the rooftops,

Up over the town,

Up past the tree tops,

Up over the mountains,

Up where the colors

Blend into the sounds.

But it got me so dizzy

When I looked around

I got sick to my stomach

And I threw down.

–Shel Silverstein