Obsessed with this Book

I’m pretty sure I could use Harry Potter for every single one of these challenges this month, but I’m trying really hard to save you the monotony. Hazard of rereading them, I guess. I AM obsessed with them.

Instead, I’ll pull out my new old copy of The Great Gatsby. After seeing the movie, I became obsessed with finding a copy for my own library. I thought it would be easy to find at a used bookstore, but apparently, everyone else had the same idea as I did. All of the copies I found were either completely ratty, or written in and highlighted all over–a huge pet peeve of mine.


It took me until we reached Dallas to finally find this almost perfect copy. Now I can rest a little easier with Fitzgerald on my shelves. Ok, not really. There’s way too many greats left to collect.


Latest Purchase

I never did a bookhaul picture for July because we were so busy, and not buying a ton of books. We did, however, visit a few bookstores while we were traveling. Come on,  I can’t help it.

The most notable one was Haslam’s in St. Pete, FL. If you are ever in that area, you must go. It’s largest New & Used bookstore in Florida…I think the oldest too. It’s fantastic. We got stuck there during a rainstorm (flashing lights and everything!) and I was not sad about it.

It was there that I picked up the hardback copy of The Thorn Birds that you see in the stack below. If you’ve been following the blog for long, you know that is one of my absolute favorite books, and my paperback copy is in tattered shreds. I’ve been wanting to buy a hardback copy for awhile, but the thought of replacing it with a NEW book was heartwrenching…it just wouldn’t have the same smell. A used book! Problem solved! My bff and husband were befuddled by my choice completely. She even brought me a new paperback copy…”Look! They have a fresh one!” Nope. I want it to smell like my old one, otherwise it’s just not the same.

I know. It’s ok, Mon. I know I’m insane.

Just roll with it.



And look! I FINALLY got The Great Gatsby! FINALLLLLYYYYYYYYYY. Hannibal Rising rounds out the Quartet, we already had the other three. And Gargoyle  I read in college and loved, so when I saw that beautiful hardcover I couldn’t resist.

Nothing new that I haven’t read yet. That’s usually the case when I’m buying hardbacks. I don’t like paying a lot of money for things I am unsure of.

Have you bought anything interesting lately?


Can I just tell you, how HARD it is to take a good picture when you are legally blind? I probably looked pretty comical leaning over, with my phone a centimeter away from my face. Those glasses rarely leave my nose, and without them, I cannot see squat.

My first thought, when I did some quick word associations for this challenge list, was to match “glasses” with The Great Gatsby. The Eyes of TJ Eckleburg are a mystical match for this theme. Unfortunately, I do not yet have a copy of this great novel, so I had to forgo that picture.

Instead, I went with the more obvious choice:  the round frames of Harry Potter, which are very different than my own.




And trust me…that book looked way more fuzzy to me than it does in the shot!