Here in a Rocky Cup

Today is Earth Day! Make sure you get out and enjoy Spring a little bit today. It’s been warm here in the evenings, but I think today is supposed to be rainy. Maybe we can at least open the windows and enjoy the breeze later.


Here in a Rocky Cup


Here in a rocky cup of earth

The simple acorn brought to birth

What ages grown to be

A very oak, a mighty tree.

The granite of the rock is split

And crumbled by the girth of it.


In cautious was the rock to feed

The acorn’s mouth; unwise indeed

Am I, upon whose stony heart

Fell softly down, sits quietly,

The seed of love’s imperial tree

That soon may force my breast apart.


“I fear you not. I have no doubt

My meagre soil shall starve you out!”


Unless indeed you prove to be

The kernel of a kingly tree;


Which if you be I am content

To go the way the granite went,

And be myself no more at all,

So you but prosper and grow tall.


–Edna St. Vincent Millay