There is a really fantastic movie theater here in Dallas, so even though we’ve only been here two weeks, we’ve seen that many movies already. I keep seeing the preview for Daniel Radcliffe’s new movieĀ Horns, and I knew it was a book by Joe Hill, so I wanted to make sure and read it first, especially since he was Stephen King’s kid. Good writing has to run in the genes somewhere, right?


It must. Because this book was brilliant. You can see a little bit of King’s influence, in the fantastical plot style. The premise is that a man had his heart broken when his girlfriend dumps him, and the night she does–she is murdered in a horrific sexual strangulation. He is blamed, but not convicted, and his mind twists him into the devil incarnate.

This book is full of hellfire and brimstone, snakes and men’s sinful natures. There is quite a bit of violence, and some forced sexual acts, so if that triggers you, just be aware of that going in. The people in this book are written wonderfully. You absolutely hate the “good guys,” you love the Devil, and the women are just twisted enough to be my favorite kind of complicated.

I am really looking forward to seeing the movie and what they do with the cinematography on Daniel. Hopefully they don’t ruin the end scene, because that will prove to be difficult, I’m sure, but it could be powerful if done well.

I will definitely read more from Joe Hill. Good things should come from this author!