I love when books have fun chapter titles. Not too many do anymore, it’s all just “Chapter 1…Chapter 2…”

But, every once in awhile, you’ll come across a creative author who will actually name their sections and they are super fun to read if you pay attention to them.

A Man Called Ove was such a book. He had titles such as:




Chapter titles like this let you know what the book is going to be about.

You also might run into books likeĀ The Name of the Rose, where the author actually does tell you what is going to happen. Which is SUPER helpful when the book is extremely complicated and hard to read. I probably would have had absolutely no idea what was going on without those chapter headings!




I never used to pay attention to stuff like that, but, as part of my “educate myself” project, I’m learning that Chapter Headings actually do matter, and there IS a reason for them. Authors really do have points to things they do. Go figure!