My family is extremely competitive. We have a proud tradition of teasing and taunting…and maybe a few temper tantrums. But just a few. We certainly would never go overboard. Of course not.

We never had any structured game nights when we were growing up, but on holidays, there was always something going on. The kids would break off to play video games or pool downstairs, and the adults had a heavy game of Euchre and Aggravation upstairs. There was also a board game called Sequence–a card based game that took a lot of strategy.

As the age groups converged, outside influences started influencing the types of games played. Now, when we go home for the holidays, there is one card game we all look forward to playing:  313. This is a quick paced game, that thankfully for me, doesn’t require much math to calculate strategy. It goes in levels 3 cards in a hand means 3 of a kind. 4 cards in a hand means 4 of a kind or 4 in a run, and on it goes. Hard to explain in writing, but after a few hands you start to pick up the pattern. R beat us all in his first round, I think. My baby sister, who is the most competitive of all of us, didn’t like that so much. He and she are two of a kind.


Last year, I introduced my other favorite game. Cards Against Humanity. Have you guys played this yet? Oh man. It’s basically Apples to Apples…for horrrrrrible people. Which I am. Yep.  My parents ducked out of this one, but us young ones stayed up until 2 am laughing our asses off at the different combinations. There’s nothing better than gigging to tears with your family.

Christmas will come a little bit late for us this year, but hopefully I’ll get to spend a little time playing games with them this year. Definitely looking forward to going home!

Favorite Book Store

There’s a place here in Indy that I’ve been wanting to tell you guys about for awhile, so when I saw Favorite Book Store on Tee’s list, I basically jumped up and down. This isn’t a review blog, but here’s my chance to share MY PLACE!

I have two big passions in my life:  BOOKS, of course, and food culture. Beer is a HUGE part of that second one. My husband and I are big time microbrew drinkers, and seek out local breweries wherever we go. So when I found out that there was someone opening up a book store slash brewery two minutes from my office. UM WHAT?!?!?!?!?! I am THERE.


And guys. This place does NOT disappoint. The beer is awesome. The people are awesome. The front shop is stocked with used books of all sorts of genres. Last week, I found a mint condition Harry Potter #6. Hardback. I mean, come on. The back of house, where the really good stuff is is full of wooden tables and chairs where you can talk to anyone and everyone–conversation is highly encouraged.

They have a huge social calendar, which is available on their website. For me–that means bookclub, every Monday night. You’ve heard me talk about it here. We have a different theme every week, and it rotates. Lit, Sci-Fi, YA, and Non-Fiction. Our Upcoming books are: Night Circus (YA), Orange is the New Black (NonFic), Dorian Gray (Lit), Jurassic Park (Sci-Fi). Our group is quickly becoming friends, and the discussion is always lively.

They also have Tabletop Tuesday, Trivia Wednesday, and live music on most other nights. They also do a lot of after hours game nights. Just this weekend, they had people in to play Cards Against Humanity, which I was bummed to miss! It’s one of my favorites!


The beer board from a few weeks ago. This varies a bit week to week.

The Brewmaster is starting to play around with his beer, and is changing taps every Friday, so make sure you get in and taste what he’s got. Right now he has a 200 IBU concoction that blew my mind. For someone who likes to be kicked in the head, this did not disappoint! I hear rumors of a chocolate milk stout this Friday…yummmmmmmmm…


Smaug Grog Red IPA


Oh! I almost forgot, they do have food! They have terrific grilled cheeses filled with local products. They get their meats from Smoking Goose, and I can tell you, everything I’ve had is just delicious. The sandwiches come with homemade chips out of Broad Ripple.My favorite thing to get is the Frankenstein platter, which is a cheeseboard covered with cheeses and meats and olives and breads and holy crap is it good.

Can you tell that I love this place? If you are in Indy, especially on the north side, make sure to head their direction. This is the perfect place to let your geekiness shine. Everyone in the joint is welcoming and happy.

It IS a little out of the way, but worth the winding road to get there. You can find them behind the Bob Evan’s at 96th and 69. Come have a beer!