Trees of Reverie July Read-A-Thon Day Two

Create some book spine poetry!

I know I say this every single time, but this just gets harder and harder. My book collection doesn’t change THAT much, so it’s tough not to use the same ones every time! For some reason my poems always come out very dark and militant. I’m not entirely sure what this one means, so interpret what you will.





The empty family

The cage

Four blind mice


Catching fire

Empire of sin

The demon haunted world


72HR Read-A-Thon|Day One: Saturday, January 24

Create some book spine poetry!

These are always fun because they are such brain teasers. Most of my book titles are statements (comes with having so many Tom Clancys and John Grishams, I fear), so there are very few verbs! The poem that came out today is very militant, but interesting! It was also very precarious, balancing on such a small base!!




Here’s the poem written out:

The red badge of courage:

Debt of honor.

The wise man’s fear–



The summons,

the kill order.

The last Templar–

a feast for Crows.

Daily Bookish Challenges | Day Four

Create some book spine poetry!




With some punctuation added:

An object of beauty–


Deliver us from Evil!

The innocent man,

catching fire.

Angels & Demons


I love being the enemy.


It’s a little creepy, and it doesn’t QUITE make sense…but not half bad for a first try!