I might be the last person in the nerd world to read Rainbow Rowell’s Landline, but I finally got a hold of it this week, just in time to need a cheer up book!


Rowell is one of the few authors I have come across who does both YA and Adult Fiction extremely well. I was immediately drawn into the story and romance of Georgie and Neal. Their love story was just so relatable and real. Anyone who has been married or long term committed relationship will feel exactly what this couple feels as they struggle with the very real pain of that one really big fight.

I will admit it took me a little bit to realize the secret of the phone. I was a bit confused at first, but…so was Georgie. It makes me wonder what my husband will be like in 15 years, and what it would be like for 15-year-from-now-me to call now-R. How much different will we both be?

I’m glad I was able to fit this book in. It was the exact refresher that I needed after such a hard read this week. Landline only took me a few hours last night, so it was quick, too. Of course, I was flipping pages so fast because I was completely absorbed. The rest of Rainbow Rowell’s collection better find its way onto my shelf SOON. I have a need!


Fulfills PopSugar #39:  A book with magic


Getting over Garrett Delaney

Because a lot of the bloggers I follow are much younger than I am, a lot of the reviews I see tend to be YA or NA. Which is fantastic for me, because those are not genres that would otherwise make it on to my radar otherwise. I have so many classic and “adult” lit stacked up and listed for me to read, I would never get around to reading books written for the younger generations.

Now, there are a lot of people out there who think that because a book is classified as Young Adult, anyone over 20 has no business reading it. I just shake my head at all those naysayers. I am reading more and more from this group as I see the reviews pop up, mixing it in with the “regular” books I read. They are just as well written, thought out, etc. as any adult fiction. The characters are just younger. Every once in awhile I will come across one I don’t relate to, or that is awkward, but I find that in adult fiction too. And sometimes I will shake my head at how the teens talk. But that’s real life, lol…

Comes with being 27 on Tumblr!

Anyway, I should probably talk about this book huh?


This was definitely brain candy for me, it only took a few hours to read. But I really liked the premise. I saw a review for it a week or so ago, and while I can’t remember who wrote it, I remember the blogger saying that she was expecting it to be just another girl drama where she trails after the boy. I kind of knew what to expect from that review, and I won’t spoil it too much for you. Just know that this isn’t your typical teen romance. I did get a little frustrated with how she handles her friends, and how some of the situations went down….but again, I’m a 27 year old looking in on a 17 year old. So….hindsight is 20/20 kind of thing I guess. I am no longer in high school, dealing with girl drama. (THANK GOD FOR THAT.)

Really just a great, quick YA/NA read.