The Martian

Hey guys, I just found out that for ONE DAY ONLY, The Martian is on sale for $1.99!

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As I Lay Reading

I first heard about The Martian about two years ago when a friend of mine downloaded the audiobook. He was raving about it at a party, and it sounded like the nerdiest thing ever. So of course I was intrigued! But…while I love space and science…books about it are not my strongest subject, and it sounded like this one had a LOT of math.


And so I put it off. Every once in awhile I’d here someone mention it, but it kind of fell to the background of my TBR.

Until they announced the movie. As things usually go–whenever a book is being made into a movie, the book is an immediate hit, even if it wasn’t originally. And WOW has The Martian been a hit. EVERYONE is reading it now, and so up it went to the top of my TBR! It was even one of the books AdultBooklr…

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This. All of this. I am going back to reread Auri’s story again, because of this.

I have said you shouldn’t read Auri’s story without reading the other two books. But now, after reading the following, I have changed my mind.

Guys, read this. And then go find Auri.

Fynralyl's Pen

I haven’t really read much in the last three years. For someone who wanted desperately to be a writer, a published author, in her youth, this is a terrible state of things. I got lost in the rat race, so to speak. Work is pretty much what I did, with very little leisure time. What time I did have was spent in front of the TV or killing dragons on the computer. Brainless. Boring. As little creative energy required as possible

And then the stress started pouring in to fill any and every possible moment where I might have otherwise been capable of creating anything.

I had wanted to move. I lived in a dry, flat, windy place, devoid of the scenery I felt would be conducive to my writing. I tried off and on, when we lived there, to create. I found myself rewriting other people’s stories once I’d…

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Let Them Read

Reblogging my friend B&W’s post, since I just blogged about this very topic yesterday! Her article is way better written than my measly post, and I whole-heartedly agree with her.

Update:  Something else that I was just thinking of–reading books that teens are reading allows me to communicate on their level. I can make the same pop culture references they are making, and understand more how they communicate. This means that as a mentor, I can more easily relate, and not seem so foreign or out of date.

As I was Reading

If you are particularly bookish then I am sure you are aware of the hubub over Young Adult Literature.

If you want to fan the flames and put a hornet in your pocket then you are more than welcome to read the original article, “Against YA” by Ruth Graham that I will be replying and referring to.

I grappled with whether I would write about this article or not. I’m not one to give into fad articles or continue an argument passed its expiration date. I surely do not want to perpetuate this campaign against YA. But a lot of family and friends have asked me about my opinion on this topic so I thought I would wrangle my thoughts and lay them flat for you to peruse.

The skinny of my opinion is this: Fiction books are meant for entertainment and enlightenment is a byproduct.

If a person reads…

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No Joy in Mudville as Star is Caught in Controversy

Since I posted Casey at Bat during National Poetry Month, I thought I’d share this spoof of the poem. The dig on Reds’ Pete Rose is a little low…albeit maybe well placed. Hope you enjoy this!

The Grimm Report

A Special Report By Grimm Report Chief Pinch-Hitting Correspondent,
Jocelyn Koehler | @jocelynk414

Following a disappointing game in which the plucky Mudville Nine fell to the opposing team, 4-2, ugly rumors are flying. The mighty Casey was last to bat, and was widely expected to restore the fortunes of the team. Both Flynn and Blake were on base—a surprising situation, considering both players’ abysmal performances in recent games.

So why did Casey disdain to even swing at the first two pitches? And why did Casey leave the offices of well-known bookie Freddie Doyle directly after the game?

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