The Comfort of Cooking » Herb and Citrus Oven Roasted Chicken

I know, I know…this is a book blog, not a food blog. But, in my past life, I used to cook on the daily. I even tried to write a couple food blogs and just couldn’t keep up with them. So, now that I’m trying to get back into cooking…I may post some of my recipes that are successes. They won’t be the focus of the blog, but hey, food is part of my geek, and THAT is what this blog is about. 

Guys, you HAVE to make this chicken. It’s what I made for dinner tonight, and it’s one of the best chicken recipes I’ve made. I used a whole chicken that I cut to pieces, but you could use whatever you wanted. I would recommend skin on though–that’s the best part. I took to the citrus off for the last 10 minutes and cranked the oven up to 500 to crisp the skin. Otherwise, I mostly followed the recipe.

I served this with new potatoes that I quartered and tossed in a casserole dish with a few garlic cloves and an Italian herb mixture, salt and pepper, plus a few pats of butter. I just put it in the oven to roast along side the chicken, it was ready at the same time! Easy peasy.

Oh, and don’t forget the bread. I did, and I was super disappointed. There was so much sauce/gravy in the pan, and it was SO flavorful. Seriously, I could have swam in it.

We drank a very inexpensive Once Upon a Vine Sauvagnion Blanc with it (We are running VERY low on whites at the moment. Time to stock up!). I’d recommend something a little less sweet, but definitely a white. Maybe a Reisling would be better with the citrus. I’m definitely not the best judge when it comes to whites, but I do think a red would be too heavy for this dish.

The Comfort of Cooking » Herb and Citrus Oven Roasted Chicken.


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