Bloggy Excuses

Guys, I know. I promised that my blogging would be back to normal by now.

I’m sorry.

When we got back from vacation my 16 year old cat was acting very strange, and completely stopped eating and drinking. She got very very sick, and we had to put her down Friday evening. I’d had her since middle school, so this has been a very tough couple of weeks.

I’ve been reading a little bit, but mostly it’s been rereading Patrick Rothfuss, so I don’t have any reviews for you. Anything new I really can’t focus on right now.


I promise, I have a bunch of great books planned soon, I just need a little time. For now, I need the comfort of my favorites, and I’ll come back when I have more concentration.


For those of you who have commented on Twitter and Instagram and Tumblr, thank you. I haven’t had a chance to send everyone personal messages, but I really do appreciate it.

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