The Same Sky



Amanda Eyre Ward is releasing her next book on January 20th, and you need to grab it, right away. The Same Sky was absolutely beautiful from beginning to end.

It is a split perspective story, each chapter flips back and forth between Carla–a young girl in Honduras desperately trying to make it to America; and Alice–the wife of a BBQ restaurateur struggling with infertility.

First off…Texas Brisket. Seriously, it’s in every chapter about Alice. I’m going to have to find some this weekend, I think. Man oh man, it’s one of my favorite things about living down here. It’s basically religion. And the Carla chapters talk about beans and tortillas, so, we may have to get some TexMex too. Yum.

In other words, this book will make you hungry.

Food aside, this book is about love and heartbreak and trying to find what makes your life work when you don’t get what you think you want. Can you fight hard enough?

I love books like this–the ones where two people are on completely separate paths, but you know they have to come together in the end, and you have absolutely no idea how it’s going to happen. When it does, you gasp or sigh or cry, or maybe all three. Read this book. It was perfectly lovely.


Disclaimer:  I received this ARC for free from NetGalley.

This fulfills PopSugar #41:  A book by an author you’ve never read before



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