Madame Bovary

To be honest, I was ready to trash this review. I almost stopped reading Madame Bovary so many times during this read, it’s not even funny.


I did not enjoy this book. I found Emma horrifically boring, shallow, and obnoxious. She is one of those girls who will never be happy, no matter what is given to her. At first, I had a hard time wrapping my mind around the story, and it was just very frustrating to me to even follow it.

Then, it hit me. This is one of those mindless reality shows from MTV. Bored, middle income little house wife, spending way too much money, having affairs all over the place while her doctor husband works too hard to pay attention. If this was set in the modern day, Emma would have the newest gold iPhone, a hot pink mini skirt, and a mani/pedi.

The end is devastating, hard to read…and completely predictable.


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