First There Wasn’t, Then There Was

Remember earlier, when I said I wanted brain candy? Um. Hm. Well…I picked a short book, but instead of being sugarcoated, my mind is completely blown.

I am Twitter Mutuals with author Troy Blackford, and we got chatting about his books a week or so ago. They are available on Kindle Unlimited, so I decided to fit it in to my next rotation…and then like an idiot, promptly forgot to do so!


I’ll be honest…in the first 15% of this book, I was pretty skeptical. I almost didn’t continue. The book starts off with four corporate mega douchebags, and the writing is nothing great. I was cringing. The sentences were long and wordy, and well…douchebaggy. Ugh.

Enter homeless man. Oh…great. What are these assholes going to do to this poor guy? Nothing good, right?

Guys, I’m not kidding you, my mind is seriously blown. *PHEW* *POW* *BLAMO*

Long story short, Douchebag #1 puts a tape recorder in homeless man’s pocket, thinking he will obviously not notice, because he’s crazy…because all homeless guys are crazy. Instead, Homeless man is absolutely aware that there is a tape recorder, and tells his entire life story.

I have 5 or 6 pages of journaling from today because there’s just so much going on here. Homeless Guy, “Kermit”, is shooting off some pretty intense wisdom. I will admit, in the middle, there is some really strange stuff going on. Blackford’s genre is Sci-Fi/Horror, according to Goodreads, so it follows…mostly I think the homeless man just had a mental breakdown. But in his very lucid moments, Kermit weaves a story of life, death, and after life.

I’m not doing any of Blackford’s book justice. There’s a reason I write a blog…and not novels. Just go read it. It only took me a few hours to read, but it was really really really great.


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