Show Me What You Write In

We are a little over a week into November now, and based on everyone’s tweets and Tumblr posts…it sounds like NaNoWriMo has not been easy on ya’ll.

I have tremendous respect for those of you working so hard to write your books. I just don’t have that fortitude and creativity…which is why I’m doing the blog version!

No matter what we are writing, we all have our methods. Some use a laptop, some prefer old school pen and paper.

I have become an obsessive journaler. I collect magazine articles, calendar pages, letters. And obviously, I write, constantly. Book quotes get written down, any random thought that comes into my head. Plans for my blog….really, just everything. As you can see, this year has just exploded, and a 3 inch binder has not been enough.




What do you write in? Do you journal?

4 thoughts on “Show Me What You Write In

  1. I’m starting to journal because I’m really fighting some writers block. So I’m hoping having a “not public safe place” to write will help me clear that up. I bought a Moleskin Large Cassette tape journal (I already had the pocket one to create playlists :-)).

    As far as blog writing, I do most of that in Evernote.

    • My journaling strategy is to go with the flow. I don’t have a specific time that I write, I just do “stream of consciousness” flow. I almost always have a notebook with me. When I tried to force it, I gave up, like anything else in my life. So, I do it when I feel it, and it works.

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