A Game of Thrones

I had completely intended on doing a write up every night like I did for the first 200 pages…

…and then I started reading, and got so wrapped up into the story that I failed miserably. So, I’m sorry. I should know better than to force myself to break a book apart like that. It’s why I hated reading books in school!

But, I am done now, with the reread of A Game of Thrones. and I loved it, even more so than the first time through. Maybe especially more so than the first time through, because now it all makes sense. I had hoped it would. Having the TV characters and scenes and places in my head completely put everything into perspective and just “decomplicates” Martin’s plot mazes.

I had originally planned on making a list of everyone who dies, but soon found that to be impossible. Kudos to the people who mark the books with postits….that would make me absolutely crazy.


This was a brand new book when I started…oops!

Some thoughts:

1. About Viserys, and my “Wake the Dragon” comment on before…I think that while he may have insinuated raping Dany repeatedly, and in his mind that’s what he was threatening, I don’t think that he ever really had that much power or strength. Viserys was very much a boy playing a king, and he may have gotten some scary slaps in, enough to scare pre-Khaleesi Dany, but not enough to completely tear her apart. And after analyzing it…I don’t think he ever raped her. I think she was scared of it happening, before she was married, but I don’t think it actually did.

2. I love the descriptions of the food in the Seven Kingdoms. Thank you George RR Martin, nom nom nom. My favorite things to eat have always been very simple–meats, cheeses, fruits. And this is exactly what is portrayed here. Simple roast fowl with crisp skin. Herbed broth. Lemon cakes whenever a treat is needed. There is always wine or thick yeasty beer. Soak it all up with some heavy dark bread. Oh, and the cheeses. I so want the cheeses. Hard or soft, yes yes yes. Old world food at it’s very finest. It was what they could get, when they could get it, and only the best served in the palaces, of course. Obviously this is not the most important thing in the book, but it always peaks my interest.

3. Battle scenes have never interested me all that much in any book, and I tend to scan over them. Many writers spend a LOT of time on battles if they include them. So far, it seems like Martin, while he does include some, they are a page or so, and then he’s back into the dialogue. Or, it’s people talking about the battle rather than a narrative. It’s so much more interesting that way…still bloody, still action packed, but more informative and less rambling.

I’m looking forward to Clash of Kings. Taking a break though, so you’ll see a few books in between. Catch up with you later!



2 thoughts on “A Game of Thrones

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