A Game of Thrones–Day 1

***Spoiler Alert***


I am about 200 pages into A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin–Cat has just been to visit Ned after Bran’s attempted murder. Jon is trying to adjust at life at the wall. This is my second time through it, and whoa. Now that I’ve watched the shows, I can’t believe how much my eyes are opened from the first time I read it. I remember being so lost between all of the characters and plots and the world of Westeros. Now that I have pictures in my head, everything just makes so much more sense!

There are a few things that are standing out in my mind though so far.

1. Everyone is just so YOUNG! I understand why the aged the characters in the show–with all the nudity and sex and the marriages, it would be hard for a lot of people to grasp certain things happening with 13 year olds. Not to mention probably illegal to show and so impossible for HBO to get license to publish. But even the adults are so much younger. Ned and Robert are only in their 30s, which would mean their wives are probably in their early 20s. It’s just a different period (even if it is fantasy).

2. Viserys’s “Dragon.” Did he rape Dany? Repeatedly? What did he mean by she “wakes the dragon”? There’s only one dragon that I can imagine whenever he says that, and it infuriates me. But then, later, at the wedding she is shocked as if she had never seen anything like that type of violence before.

3. Something else about the wedding, and this is something that everyone debates–the sex scene between Dany and Drogo afterwards. She is scared, yes, he’s big, and powerful, and they don’t know the same language. But he tries to communicate with only word he knows, “No.” But it’s kind of like “I am Groot.” There are different inflections, and he uses body language to make up the rest. He waits for her to respond as he touches her. He is affectionate. And he does not rush her. This is not rape. In the show, it was portrayed much more violently then in the book. He takes her as Dothraki take their women, and later she teaches him a better way. But in the book it is very loving, very patient.

That’s all for now. Back to reading. I’m really enjoying the differences so far, and breaking everything down! Let me know if you have any thoughts or opinions on the above. I’d love to hear especially what you think about #2. It’s really left to interpretation I think, so I’m sure there are many theories.


5 thoughts on “A Game of Thrones–Day 1

  1. I think Cersei and Catelyn can be in the early 20s, otherwise they’d have been around 7 years old when married?

    The books are excellent re-reads, especially after watching the series as a comparison point. You get to appreciate how they had to adapt such a rich narrative. I’m a big fan of both the show and the books, I just wish I had time for a re-read. (I’ll pretty much have to re-read books 4 and 5 before book 6 gets out…)

  2. No, Viserys didn’t rape dany. Ever.
    See, the thing is? Viserys is very quickly going INSANE.
    And that’s both a big deal with Targs, and a very bad thing.

    That’s why Dany starts out so gentle towards him — he used to be her big brother. Her nice, protective big brother.

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