Dorothy Must Die




Ok. So not out loud. At least no more than my husband is. (Notre Dame is playing Stanford right now. In the rain. It’s not going well.)

But holy cow. Dorothy Must Die is a tornado.


Where Wicked is a prequel, this is the sequel. The story of after. After the four defeat the Witch of the West and get their gifts. After Dorothy goes back to Auntie Em’s farm.

Guess what? She comes back. That farm life just wasn’t good enough for her. And she comes back in a BIG way.

This book is action, fantasy, dystopia, all wrapped up in one crazy book. Something is incredibly wrong in Oz and everyone has their own views on fixing it.

I really liked how Danielle Paige used the modern day version of what Dorothy Gale would be–a lonely, rebellious pink haired girl from the trailer park. She used that same gumption and turned it into badassness.

I’m looking forward to reading the sequel on this! I definitely want to find out what happens next!


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