Remember the other day when I said I used to be a packrat? I wasn’t kidding about that. I kept EVERYTHING. Every time I move I find some random thing that I’ve held on to forever.

Some of it gets thrown away, but every once in awhile, I’ll find something golden from the past.

This last time, when I was going through my office supplies, getting ready to work from home, I found this.



It’s from fifth grade, which I know from what I wrote on the back in horrible cursive. I used to cross the top of the right line on my H’s over the left, so that it looked more like an A. I guess I thought it looked fancy…but now it just looks confusing! My poor teachers. My handwriting is a LITTLE better now that I no longer try to do cursive anymore, but it’s still not pretty.

Funny the things we hang on to, huh? My love for books was strong even then, and while you can’t tell in the picture, this bookmark is bent and worn. I definitely got some use out of it.



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