Trees of Reverie September Readathon Daily Bookish Challenges Day Nine

If you could live in any fictional world from a book, which universe would you choose?

*looks at the camera like Jim from The Office*
Come on. You guys know my answer to this already don’t you? Do I even reaaaaaaaally need to say it?
Photo Cred:  Daily Mail UK
Yep. Hogwarts. Really, the perfect place. It’s such a magical place to grow up. With the exception of You-Know-Who, the walls are about as safe as school can be, and education is top-notch. Plus, the concept of boarding school as always intrigued me. You get a whole different type of social and mental basis than you do from American public education.
Oh, and…as opposed to most of our fantasy series…this one actually has MODERN PLUMBING. Which is pretty important, really. Even if said plumbing does come with a depressed ghost in residence.

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