Trees of Reverie September Readathon Daily Bookish Challenges Day One

A curfew has been placed on book purchases for the remainder of the year and you are only allowed to purchase TEN more books for the rest of 2014. Which books will you buy?

Honestly? I don’t have that difficult of a choice here. My top ten books that I really NEED to buy and haven’t are the full set of Harry Potter books. I’ve just been reading them on Kindle Unlmited and I can’t believe I don’t own them yet. I’ve been seeing the new UK editions that everyone is posting and they are GORGEOUS.

The other three are also simple. Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicles, including the 2.5 novella coming out in October.

Must haves that I need in brand new hardcovers. I could never have them in used copies (although I do have HP #6 in a used hardcover because it was free and I couldn’t resist). I must have them in matching editions.


If you want to play along, here’s the link to the original readathon post!


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