Trees of Reverie September Readathon TBR List

I mentioned in my last post that I actually have a structured TBR list. It’s actually written out. Wanna see?

I wasn’t going to show it to you, because I’m a little self-conscious about how obsessive my book lists can get. I mean, have you looked at my Goodreads page yet? Jesus. Don’t. Seriously. It’s a rabbit-hole you’ll never come back from.

But then the lovely Sarah from Trees of Reverie challenged us Readathoners to post our TBR lists for September, so, I’m relenting. You guys can see the list. But I warn you. It’s a little intense.

Ok. Here goes.


See what I mean? And I really will read these books in order too. Although I’m swapping out some of the shelf books for the book club books I have to read, and I’ll fill in the library books depending on what comes available off my hold list first. But the cycle will continue in order again and again and again.

How do I pick the order? Mostly, it’s what is next on my Goodreads lists for that section. Sometimes, it’s based on what everyone is yelling about on Tumblr, if I can get my hands on it.  There’s nothing like that here at the moment, although one of my holds is Dorothy Must Die, and I’ve been waiting on that for MONTHS. I’m way behind the curve on that book!

Sometimes it seems like I spend as much time organizing my books, as I do reading them! Anyone else have any weird book quirks so I don’t feel so dorky?


2 thoughts on “Trees of Reverie September Readathon TBR List

  1. no. unless you count that I’m still grieving, after almost 20 years, the loss of most of the books i had when I was a kid because I let someone store them for me instead of keeping them myself, and they got ruined in their storage I was assured would be safe. I wasn’t there to move them or save them and no one cared enough to tell me until it was too late. or that I collect old books and love the smell and the texture of the pages. or that I can’t bear to destroy or throw away a book even if I hate it and I won’t give it away because don’t think anyone else should ever read it because it’s complete trash. (I’ve had exactly 2 books like that in my entire lifetime of reading. I still own both.) or… nope! no quirks or dorky tendencies here at all.


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