Can I Live Here?

I am not really a world traveler by nature, but I am a world….liver? That sounds weird.

I could probably live anywhere and be absolutely satisfied. I’m very adaptable. Once I find my niche, I’m happy.

I always said I’d never live in Texas or Florida, it would be waaaaaaaaay too hot for me. And now look at me, it’s actually kind of wonderful down here. And I moved here in August. Of course I hardly ever go outside right now…

Soon. Soon I will be able to go outside.

I always had this dream though of retiring in a beach or lake house. Not in Florida though, somewhere in Massachusetts, or in the woods or mountains somewhere. I want a big deck overlooking water, a boat to float on. I want a comfy chair to read in, a cup of coffee in the mornings, wine at night. Maybe a dog at my feet. Definitely a big floppy hat on my gray head. Yep. That’s what I want.


But until then, I want to live all over the place. I’m pretty lucky that I can do that.

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