There are some books that we read because they are entertaining and enjoyable. And then there are some books that we read because they are important…and really really boring (and usually make no sense at all).


Justine by Lawrence Durrell is one of the latter.

It made my TBR list because it’s on Boxalls 1001 books, which means it must have SOME merit in the literature world. Really, the only thing I can figure out is because of the sexual nature of the story. This book is all about one affair after another. But that’s really all it is. The narrator gives no chronological reference to his giving–his memories are all mixed up, so there’s no point of reference at ALL. It’s so hard to follow.

The book is incredibly wordy, and the vocabulary is enormous. Which, on one hand, I did grab 3 pages worth of intriguing quotes for my journal. On the other…finding a plot in this mess is next to impossible.

This is a quartet, but one I won’t be continuing–unless the rest is on the 1001 list, but I don’t think it is. Lord I hope not!


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