Eleanor & Park

Moving is catching up with us, so this is going to be a really quick and to the point review before I fall asleep into my computer.


Eleanor & Park  is YA romance done RIGHT. No weird love triangle…just two teenagers who are crazy about each other for all the right reasons. These are not the popular kids in school–and bond over their weirdness, which I absolutely love. I mean…our wedding motto was “Mutual Weirdness,” I fit right into this character set.
I was crazy about Park’s parents, especially his mom. How adorable was she? And they were such a great pair, too, and so supportive of their boys, and Eleanor when she entered the picture.
Unfortunately…Eleanor was not so lucky when it came to family ties. E&P is not all happiness and rainbows, despite the author’s name (Rainbow Rowell). While being of the YA Romance genre, it is also a tale of domestic abuse and poverty set in the 80s. It’s very tough to get through parts of it without wanting to call CPS or beating down the door yourself. This book will make you sooooo angry, if you have even a shred of humanity.
Rowell did a fantastic job with the characters, the plot, all of it. The chapters are short, and flip back and forth between Eleanor and Park, and give both perspectives repeatedly throughout each chapter. To take from something I’ve seen on Tumblr the past few days…you know shit is gonna go down when Rainbow Rowell starts using short chapters!

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