The Rook

How many of my fellow nerds have been waiting for a Hermoine Granger Doctor Who? Raise your hand. MEEEEEEEEEEE.


Meet Myfanwy Thomas. Someone erased her memory. But apparently, she’s pretty much like an M to 007. The administrative person pulling the strings on all the field operatives. Oh yeah, and she can also control your body WITH HER MIND.

This girl has some serious powers. Her coworkers all think she’s this meek and mild geek, but when she shows up to work with two black eyes…all of the sudden she is a force to be reckoned with. Geek turned BADASS.

Just in time too because there’s some weird shit going down and there’s a mole in the organization. We are talking mold eating houses, police stations getting taken over by muscle creatures. Oh, and don’t forget the skinless man in a big watery fishbowl.

If you like Doctor Who…you will like this book. If you like sci-fi crime novels…you will like this book.

If you are just overall looking for a interesting, complicated female character, AND refreshingly enough, NO LOVE TRIANGLE!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!



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