Today’s theme is a pretty obvious one, and I’m sure everyone is going to post Game of Thrones. When I first read the series, I kept thinking, man, I really like this, but I feel like these characters almost NEED the screen. The books were SO complex that I was having a hard time picturing everything.

And I was right. I fell in love with the shows, because there were so many details that made sense once I saw the characters brought to life. And, I was surprised at how much I remembered from the books, details that matched or didn’t match, that made me go WHAT?! *cough cough Jojen cough cough*

After the Martell/Mountain battle, I gave in to my desperate need and bought the first 5 book set. I’m dying to reread the series, but I am not going to do it until after we move in August. To read the GOT is a full on commitment, and one I just don’t have time and brain power for right now. So, after we get settled, I will do a reread, and possibly an analysis of each book, maybe we will do a readathon/discussion group. What do you think? Would anyone be interested in something like that?



3 thoughts on “Thrones

  1. I would give it a go with you! Am a bit shameful as haven’t read ANY of the books yet and don’t want to watch the series until I’ve read the books. Maybe you can spur me on? 🙂

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