Treesofreverie June Read-A-Thon: Reading Prompts & Challenges

Here are the Prompts and Challenges for the Readathon for June. I’ll be marking these off as I hit the goals!! Reading Prompts:

  • Read a popular or well-known book
  • Read a book you’ve heard a lot of good things about
  • Read a book you’ve never heard of before
  • Read something recommended to you by a friend
  • Read a book with an upcoming movie adaptation
  • Read a book from your Goodreads to-read shelf
  • Read a book to go towards a specific reading challenge
  • Read a book you received as a gift or from a giveaway
  • Read a book you received in exchange for an honest review
  • Re-read one of your favourite books
  • Read one of your best friend’s favourite books
  • Pick up a book that looks like a fun/light read
  • Pick out a book from your TBR jar and give it a go
  • Pick a colour and choose a book with that colour on it’s cover
  • Go to the library and borrow out the first book that looks good
  • Go to a bookstore and ask for a book recommendation
  • Read something you need to read for school, university or work
  • Read a book you’ve been meaning to read
  • Read a book you’ve been avoiding
  • Read a book you’ve had lying around unfinished

Reading Challenges:

  • Finish an entire book in ONE day
  • Read a book by an author you haven’t read before
  • Read a book about books
  • Read a book written by a local author
  • Read outside
  • Read out loud (read a minimum of one full page!)
  • Finish a book in a series you’ve not yet completed
  • Read a graphic novel or manga
  • Read a book with an LGBTQ+ character #weneeddiversebooks
  • Read a Classic
  • Read a book in the Fantasy genre
  • Read a book in the Contemporary genre
  • Read a book from a genre you don’t usually read
  • Read The Name of the Wind for bookmad‘s Book Club
  • Read a book featured in booktown‘s Book Club
  • Read a book featured in the Summer Reading Book Club
  • Take part in the Harry Potter Book Club
  • Read a poetry book
  • Read a collection of short stories
  • Read a book written by or focusing on POC #weneeddiversebooks
  • Read a book by an indie or self published author
  • Read a book from thebooker‘s Underrated Book Project
  • Read a book from thebookishdragon‘s Book Lovers List
  • Recommend a book to a friend or a fellow book blogger
  • Join discussions on the Treesofreverie Read-A-Thon Goodreads Group
  • Share some of your favourite quotes from the books you read
  • Write a book review for one of the books you read
  • Share your progress and updates through video (book vlogging)
  • Take pictures of your reading progress
  • Show off your books by taking more pictures
  • Start a TBR Jar/box/etc.
  • Start a reading journal
  • Organise a ‘Blind Date with a Book’ with friends
  • Organise a book swap with friends

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