Let Them Read

Reblogging my friend B&W’s post, since I just blogged about this very topic yesterday! Her article is way better written than my measly post, and I whole-heartedly agree with her.

Update:  Something else that I was just thinking of–reading books that teens are reading allows me to communicate on their level. I can make the same pop culture references they are making, and understand more how they communicate. This means that as a mentor, I can more easily relate, and not seem so foreign or out of date.

As I was Reading

If you are particularly bookish then I am sure you are aware of the hubub over Young Adult Literature.

If you want to fan the flames and put a hornet in your pocket then you are more than welcome to read the original article, “Against YA” by Ruth Graham that I will be replying and referring to.

I grappled with whether I would write about this article or not. I’m not one to give into fad articles or continue an argument passed its expiration date. I surely do not want to perpetuate this campaign against YA. But a lot of family and friends have asked me about my opinion on this topic so I thought I would wrangle my thoughts and lay them flat for you to peruse.

The skinny of my opinion is this: Fiction books are meant for entertainment and enlightenment is a byproduct.

If a person reads…

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