I’ll be real honest. This one had me absolutely stumped. MILKSHAKES? When have I read about milkshakes? Diners immediately came to mind, but for the life of me, I couldn’t think of a single book. I had a particular scene in my head, but it was absolutely vague and I have no idea what it’s from. Nope. Nada. Scanned my bookshelves. Nothing.

Well. Crapola. What am I going to do??????? I can’t just not do the challenge.

Then my eyes landed on this.


It’s a total cop out. The little girl in the movie wanted ice cream right? And the kid traps the velociraptor in the freezer. It’s been too long since I read the book to know if ice cream is actually involved in any of that. But milkshakes are made out of ice cream, right? So….ok. I know it’s a stretch. But it’s all I’ve got.


UPDATE 6/14/2014:  Reading this now and I am super excited because I found out I actually DIDN’T cheat. Lex totally wishes for a milkshake. SCORE!



5 thoughts on “Milkshakes

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  2. Cannery Row (Steinbeck) has a BEER milkshake idea in it. Sounds brilliant, if it’s a good chocolate stout.

    • Red Robin has a beer milkshake every once in awhile, though I’ve never had it. I DID have a chocolate stout float at Books n Brews a few weeks ago and THAT was delicious!

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