Another Life

The Poem of the Day in my email made me laugh today. I heard so many people during the long winter this year say, “I will punch the first person who complains about the summer heat!” We were all so ready for spring, and already it is in the high 80’s!

Another Life

In another life, we waited
all winter for this, or something

very like it. May ending,
summer hard on its heels, all things
made different by rising
humidity, by heat that will
quickly turn sullen, oppressive,
give not an inch for weeks at a time.
So many things we never
thought to choose, we, hanging
about on the fringes of life, rejoicing
in spite of ourselves this first
day of high eighties, nineties soon
to follow, relieved that our waiting is
over again. We know we will
sweat, as we always do, cursing
the rigor of southern suns,
happy, no matter what we say,
to be wherever we happen to be,
everything heating up again,
another season begun.

–Phebe Davidson


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