The Kill Order

After I finished The Death Cure yesterday, I checked out Goodreads to see if James Dashner had any other books. And lo and behold, he wrote a prequel!


I’m just going to do a quick write up on this, because The Kill Order only took me a couple of hours to read.

First of all, you definitely want to read this one after you finish the trilogy. It gives away the big surprise at the ending, so don’t even think of glancing at this before you read the third book in the Maze Runner series. You will be SO disappointed.

I did feel like this was written as an after thought, a way to explain the third book. Which, I get, but the writing definitely was not as stunning or exciting as the other three. Like I said, I finished it very quickly. The characters really don’t have much to do with the trilogy at all. There’s a VERY loose connection at the end, but meh. I really wanted to hear about the beginning of WICKED and Thomas and Theresa’s development of it. This left that all as a mystery.

Overall, an ok, but unnecessary addition for me. I didn’t need it. The ending in The Death Cure was PLENTY for me. Bam. Over. And it gave me more than enough closure.


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